The Life and Charm of Pondicherry

I had been dreading writing this article for so long, thinking that no matter what I write, nothing can bring the beauty and vibe of Pondicherry to justice. And it breaks my heart to see people dismiss the place as “dead” and “boring” with no “life” of it’s own. Pondicherry is no Goa. Everyone who [...]

Christmas for the ones who stay away from home

Holidays are the worst. Honestly. Its hard to return home to spend time with our folks specially when you have to work between Christmas and New Years and staying away from home is a mess– emotionally. This becomes even harder if you are a Christmas junkie like me. Hailing from a family of mixed faiths, [...]

Living unhinged

Growing up, living in a small town was everything I didn't want. The lack of shopping malls, food courts and broader perspectives didn't help the cause much either. It was like playing the same movie again and again without any pause. I hated it. Moving to Delhi was a fresh start for me, new set [...]

Gluten Free Cookies

The problem of being gluten intolerant is that, you have to constantly be on a hunt to find out replacement recipes for your favourite foods. Now cookies are something I crave every now and then and to be honest, I mastered quite a flair for it. I can just about toss anything lying in my [...]

Dhaba Hopping Off Tumkur Road

Quite often we find ourselves taking the highway off Tumkur Road to go for a long drive. Okay, let's be honest, we take the highway mostly to find some new eats. And although there are far many places to cover, these are some of the places, you can take a stop to fill your tummy [...]

Tips to become a proficient Food Blogger

With the latest scene of mushrooming food bloggers every second day, it is hard to determine the thin line between foodies and food “journalists”. While the perks of working in this hugely popular industry is undeniable, instances of taking undue advantage of this title cannot be missed either. Before diving further into this article, let [...]

Cinnamon Chocochip cookies

Sometimes life is such that all you need is a cookie! And if they are moist and chewy, then obviously nothing like it. This "Toss all you have" cookie is moist, chewy and all the goodness in between! INGREDIENTS: Makes about 20 medium sized cookies. 1 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup vegetable oil (I used [...]

Photowalk through Pondicherry!

When I say there is no place like Pondicherry, I genuinely mean it. With its narrow French named "rues", the old town and bohemian destination- Auroville, you can find solace in this little town any time of the year. So here's presenting the real life street glimpses of Pondicherry!

Recipe post: When art meets food!

I don't normally post recipes here but if its coming from Chef Japvir Vohra of Double Tree Hilton, exceptions are to be rightfully made. 🙂 So here's presenting, ~Grilled Watermelon and Crab Stick with Avocado Puree~ Ingredients: 500 gm watermelon horizontally cut into half 4 noscrab stick 100 ml lemon juice 15 ml sesame oil [...]

An Eggy Affair

So I skipped breakfast on that particular day and was suddenly craving my regular breakkie staples in the middle of the afternoon. Now there are ofcourse a ton of places that offer eggs on their menu, I was fairly surprised to find a place with only eggs on their menu! The Egg Factory, a tiny [...]

Classic French with a Vietnamese Twist? Tune in to TLC

 Being a through and through TLC addict that made my parents complain eternally when I lived back home, I couldn't be more ecstatic when I heard that they are presenting a new series with acclaimed Australian-Vietnamese chef Luke Nguyen in LUKE NGUYEN’S FRANCE. Luke is back to continue his culinary adventures – this time, in France. [...]

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