Let’s break the fast, alright?

So my friend was sending me little teasers on a Sunday morning, yes he knows I am too lazy to get up and make breakfast for myself while he can sit at home and relish his kingly feasts, that muck!

What he didn’t know was he gave me some awesome stuff to blog about!

Breakfast, sure is the most important meal of the day and they carry the power to keep you happy and energetic for the rest of the day. Since I rarely have breakfasts, you will always see my sulking and I have been infamously nicknamed as “snappy”. Hah!

While post workout meals are amazing if you are actually working out, they are also quite greasy to be really honest. But hey, happiness is often laden with a little sin, isn’t it? So why keep yourself from having those lovely treats in the mornings, parathas loaded with butter, choley bhature and this!



Aah! The lovely runny eggs!

And since he is the brute he can easily have them and not worry about adding another inch! Men and their metabolism, I tell you.

While you feast your eyes on this, I shall be back with some more “foodsutra”. 😉

Picture courtesy: Mike