Thank God Its Friday, for real!

What better way to kick off Friday than with a TGIF post!

No its not about how thankful I am towards Fridays and upcoming weekends but about the chain of food joints located at almost every nook and corner of every city!

I have always been a TGIF sucker and you will find me there to celebrate any and every occasion and sometimes just to get me beer and at other times to simply show my love towards TGIF.

If you have read my about, you might know that I am the burger expert and I have burdened myself with finding the PERFECT burger and that search has taken me across the length and breadth of the country (okay, a little exaggeration) and why miss TGIF on such an occasion!


Look at Elvis there!

I have had their burgers and LOVED it, I have had their Spanish and Mexican food and loved it, on a celebratory dinner with the boyfriend and his friends I have tasted almost everything from their menu and still didn’t get over them, I have been there on happy hours and sometimes on some not so happy hours (huge bills! :O), picked on their large quantities of food, took away platters, rolled around laughing after a drink or five, been loud and noisy and embarrassed myself to no end, all at TGIF, so yeah my love for this place is unusually high, as you shall see.

While I don’t really like their potato skins too much (HRC serves better) but their barbecued chicken wings beat other places! Their salads are invariably scrumptious. I don’t love their pastas much but you should try their chimichanga, paella with calamari, squids and prawns ( I doubt if they still serve that) and quesadillas!

Among burgers go for their classic cheeseburger, spicy beer cheeseburger and beef tenderloin! And if you are a true southerner (Hey, Indians can be country too!) DO NOT miss their pork back ribs, those are to die for, perhaps the best in India.

While this time, Naina and I, we visited the place to grab beers and their 2 course lunch for just 240 + taxes and unlimited soft drinks or we could add tuborgs. We were literally neck deep in food and sadly for two hungry souls, I forgot to snap some pictures (Blogger fail!) and the rest were snapped after being almost half eaten. Hah!

We ordered their chipotle chicken salad (no picture), veggie goat cheese quesadilla for appetizers!


Then came our chimichurri spicy chicken pizza and garlic spaghetti vegetali.



And we were chillin’ with our beers! First we started off we a tuborg each, then came corona, another tuborg and bang! We finished with budweisers! A little too many.



And we looked like this after all that!


Still pretty! Still rollin’!

That’s been our latest TGIF journey and it definitely doesn’t end here! 😀