Italian Birthday Dinner

Those who know me well, also know the fact that I LOVE cooking, I can cook for birthdays, special days, sad days, exhausting days, particularly any day you would want me to cook. It is therapeutic and I love seeing the joy in peoples’ eye when they love something.

I generally post restaurant sampling but home food, sometimes, is just equally comforting. Therefore, why not?

Alison is my best friend, and she just turned 26 this year, all we girls wanted to do was sit and laze, watch movies, have good food and go off to sleep. No partying, no getting crazy. And that was when I came into picture. I have been the sous-chef in her kitchen for quite sometime and well this time, I just decided to cater for her birthday. As soon as I decided this, the daunting picture of preparing the menu, prepping the items, hunting for them, came into my mind. Finding groceries can be exasperating at times. So we decided with bruschettas, lasagna and a healthier version of mashed potatoes and cream.


Bruschettas were the easiest of them all, Al got me some garlic french loaf, I chopped up tomatoes, onions, green pepper, crumbled some cheese, added oregano, pepper powder, salt and drizzled some olive oil. The loaf was cut into bruschetta portions, some butter was lathered on top along with garlic powder and toasted. Once done, the fillings where placed and heaven was served right up!


Mashed potatoes were pretty easy, only, instead of cream and oodles of cheese, I used yogurt, some milk and not too much grated cheese. Also a little butter and seasoning. Added them all together, heated and stirred till we got the creamiest mashed potatoes ever.


Now lasagna, by now you all must have guessed we were doing a vegetarian dinner. We love our meat but a friend of ours was joining who wouldn’t touch anything non-veg, not even cakes with egg. So we did an eggplant based lasagna, and trust me all you eggplant haters, it was delicious as hell.


Overall the food was a huge success. As if that was not enough, in came red velvet cakes!


And a pic with my favorite birthday girl! 😀


I love wearing my Miranda House, tshirt.

Till the next time, happy eats.