Burger trail!- OTB

Finally I began my burger trail series- it is about honing the burger expert part of me and coming up with a new burger place as often as possible! 

Give this girl a burger and she will be happy to go for hours, bragging about the surreptitiousness, crunchiness, tangy-ness, spice-burst everything, I am salivating right now like Pavlov’s god, erm no.. dog!

For a bite on the go I generally prefer Wimpy’s spicy chicken burger, it is huge, spicy, tastttttttyyy and easy on the pocket.

My second favorite casual burger is KFC’s zinger! I love their chicken piece which is so carefully fried.

The thing about me is I am not much of a ground meat or minced meat burger patty kind of person, I love my chicken chunk crispy fried.

The third one is Fastrack’s California Chicken burger! It is way cheaper than the previous two and is not too spicy but quite crunchy!

However, if I jump to an elaborate mean burger, yes a real meal! Mostly in a fancy schmancy restaurant complete with a serving of fries and pickled veggies with a side of mayo dip, mustard dip, mint dip and sweet onion sauce then Out of the box’s (Hauz Khas Village) burger totally wins! YES! now you know how much I love my burger?!


Doesn’t this look amazing?! It took me years to find the perfect burger, as Marshall describes it in How I Met Your Mother, the one that absolutely melts in your mouth! and this one did! Aah, the pickled jalapenos, carrots and cauliflowers!

I was out there for a friend’s birthday dinner (also mine, this year) and that is when I discovered this babe! What an end to my eon long survey!

However, the burgers at Boombox cafe, TGIF-tenderloin burger, Hard rock cafe and Route 04 are worth digging into! I am also a very big fan of fish burgers! but then I swear by McDonald’s when it comes to fish burger, but I should sample only fish burgers sometime. More on that later!

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