Burger Trail- McDonald’s

Okay, too mainstream? Yes, I know.

But come on accept it, this fast food chain revolutionized burgers all over the world. Without Ronald McDonald’s globalized burger dream, the fancy burgers wouldn’t have reached us.

The new chicken exotica burger.


This is a newly done up version of the Mexican burger that Indian McDonald’s came out with in 2012. Only less spicier and maybe less tastier.

However, I cannot really say its too bad, I mean look at it, it is filling, has veggies and additional salamis along with grilled burger patty. Can I call it healthy? Minus the mayo.


Is it exotic? NO, if you truly know the meaning of exotic and your life isn’t ruled by Priyanka Chopra feeling too exotic.

Will I have it again? No, thanks, I will take the McVeggie, please.

Is it worth trying? Sure.

Till the next time,

Reporter Burger Expert