Accent’ed Dilliwali’s boho picks!

After much thinking and deciding, I came out with the concept of “Accent’ed Dilliwali”, that is what best describes a fun feisty Delhi girl, who is hip and savvy, speaks with an accent, yet down to earth, fights about Political issues, eats food from street vendors, is an avid theatre performer, gets drunk on Saturday nights, loves her little nephew, changes the abnormally weird boyfriend with a quick sashay of her skirt, is the prima donna at the Wednesday night Karaoke bar, dons the sophisticated cocktail dress for a dignified evening at some chic restaurant, she is the “it” girl and you can’t help but let your heart be stolen by that girl.

And she speaks….


Since the idea of Saturday boho posts emerged, I could not wait to venture out in the open with my imaginary Nikon D3200. Alas, that could not happen, the influenza caught me down and well was too lazy to leave the warm security of my quilt. So, here are some random picks that I found over the internet and thought would share them.

I am seriously lusting after the head gear and look at those lovely waves!

I am seriously lusting after the head gear and look at those lovely waves!


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Imperfecto, HKV, Delhi

Imperfecto, HKV, Delhi

That’s some of the stuff that really caught my eye!

Till the next time, happy receiving the unknown call and bringing out your best mixed Gaelic-American-Irish accent or maybe getting drunk and impressing the guy you meet by impersonating some lost LA chick in New Delhi. (Don’t deny you wouldn’t love that 😉 )

Good bye!

P.S. The pictures have been taken from various sources through google, if you don’t want me posting your picture, send me a message and I will take it down!