Breakfast for Dinner? mmmhhhmmm

Okay, so I love breakfasts, only I don’t eat them when I am supposed to, i.e; in the mornings, but give me a solid breakfast any other time of the day, and I am yours to keep.

I was at Khan Market, yes, again, to check out books and Christmas trees, the latter being out of my budget, damn! Why do they price these plastic trees so exorbitantly? It’s insane. So while doing these two, I wanted to satiate my hunger pangs that was evident since I missed all meals till evening because I have been going through depressive spells in life, don’t ask me why. I spotted Chokola and remembered a friend mentioning their breakfasts are to die for and in I hopped, though I later realized I should have tagged the boyfriend for this one, since he is more of the sweet lover and I love them only for a bite or two.

I ordered chokola dark hot chocolate drink, only there was nothing dark about it, plain nesquik in hot milk. Probably should have ordered their coffee based drinks.


And waffles with maple syrup and chocolate. yumm. But I hate too much sugar, more since I started with my regular bakings. I was really sad I couldn’t finish those waffles but yeah it’s better than feeling jittery which I was already feeling and needed to stuff myself with some salty crisps. Word of warning- Don’t have all sugar if you have low blood sugar or are borderline diabetic. :\

WP_000859 WP_000860

It wasn’t an all bad meal, I mean I should have ordered better and I am willing to give Chokola another shot, maybe with their egg menu, the next time!

Till then, keep having your breakfasts! 😉