Rama Meat Pulao, a tad too spicy?

Coming back hungry from a meeting with a friend is not something any foodie should have to try, but if the situations calls for it and there is a place you have wanted to try since quite some time, nearby, then make the best use of it (or not).


Rama Meat Pulao, one of the places that has been standing since times immemorial, at a corner in K-block, Connaught Place and I heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. The place serves mainly mutton and chicken pulao at pretty cheap prices (Rs, 230 for full plate and 160 for half) along with rumali roti and soup. A lot of people flock there almost everyday to fill themselves up with a hearty meal and a burning esophagus, maybe?


I cannot say I had a fulfilling experience at the place and I am willing to call it over-rated. The pulao was EXTREMELY spicy, if you aren’t an Indian, please don’t even think about it. And even if you claim you love spicy food, it can bring you down or you might stand there wiping your nose like a plain disgusting idiot. I would like the soup they served though if I were suffering from a bad cold, not so much the left out chicken parts thrown in the soup. The rumali roti was the best part of the meal, seriously.

I have never posted a harsher review of any place before, but I simply couldn’t stop myself from doing so this time. However, since there are people who brave the place everyday and can kill me for posting this, you can go and try their pulao or kormas or maybe even a roll. Come back and let me know. I would still recommend to get take away, since the ambiance can put off a person with an iron stomach.

I used images from google since I packed my food and came home to eat and then swallowed ice hoping it would give my food pipe some peace.