On a sweet note, Kunafa

Baklava, the name itself carries a certain kind of lure to it. Its like you know its some kind of middle-eastern ecstasy and why not, sweet and nuts embedded between rolls of sugary phyllo/ filo.



I have never been to Turkey and it is definitely one of the places in my bucket list, while going there isn’t quite possible at the moment but having a baklava, or two, or a whole box of it, is quite possible. That is where Kunafa, came to my rescue. Situated in Meherchand Market, this place serves a huge variety of baklavas and other Turkish sweets that one must go and try. They don’t really have an elaborate seating arrangement so it is best you pack their stuff and bring home or gift your near and dear ones.
















































I decided to go with their assorted collection which comes in varying prices depending on the quantity. Or you can also pick your favorites and ask them to make your own customized assortment. While you are there, try their pistachio baklavas, various kinds of dates, cakes and semolina roll baklava!















































Their prices are a little steep and for students it can be little bit of quarterly treat, but once in a while they are definitely worth it!

So next time you are at MCM and after a hearty meal at Chez nini, elma’s, tikka town or MI, step away from banoffee pie, cheesecakes and red velvets for once and try a baklava, maybe?

Check out their website for more information- http://www.kunafa.in/