Catching up!

Sorry for the big disappointment, this isn’t a food review, travelogue, picture post, nothing. Just some random rambling about what is going on in my life right now. It is important to be able to vent out.


1. I have a really great job, as of now. I am officially a food critic and do some lifestyle reporting (checking out spas’ and stuff :P). I love my job and I couldn’t have asked for anything better from the Lord. I thank him everyday for this opportunity.

2. Now that I have a fabulous job, so carrying my brand new DSLR everywhere was something I decided to do. While returning from a review in the evening, my NEW really pretty bag with my DSLR, all important cards, some cash, my prescription glasses, glares (my mom gifted me), everything got snatched by a couple of random dudes on a bike.

3. I panicked, sat and cried in the middle of the road, called up the police and was really helped by them. I even befriended a few of them. I feel a lot more protected now. And they did everything to calm me down, report my case and not-find the thieves. But that’s how it goes I guess, a lot more important crimes happen in New Delhi than bag snatchery.

4. Soon afterwards, my best friend, Aashna and her dad arrived at the Police station from where they took me to pamper and help me find back my mental strength. I was pretty broken and tired that everything bad was happening at once. BIG love Aashna, I don’t know what I would do without you.

5. I am officially SINGLE. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad but I am holding my faith in God strong to mend my heart, I really did invest a lot of myself in the relationship. Regardless, I am accepting applications for the open spot, so you may apply. Bad news: Applications will go through my brother, first. 😛

6. I am going back home in a few days for a month and there are some BIG plans. So if I make it through, things might get pretty exciting here.

7. I had applied for a culinary scholarship through the Culinary Trust and I DID NOT get through but I am looking at things with a new perspective and soon I might figure out what I intend to make of myself.

8. I am obsessing about Divergent, a little TOO much, but then Theo James is beyond hot, you all have to admit. I am currently reading the series and there is absolutely nothing better than this. (Okay, apart from Harry Potter)

9. To nurse a broken heart, listen to the song, “I won’t let you go” by Snow Patrol, it was used in Divergent, the movie.

10. Ten seems like a good number to stop my scribbling.

That’s all I had to say. I love talking to you guys once in a while all the time. And yeah if you keep wondering that who does most of the posts, its me, Mohana, call me Ana, whatever.

I genuinely heart you guys and till the next time, keep gallivanting!