Cafe Delhi Heights and a very annoying movie

The Editor and I, decided to meet up for lunch and discuss few important things about the blog. Needless to say the “important discussion” was completely tossed out the moment food was placed infront of us.

This time round I nagged and pleaded to be taken to Promenade mall, Vasant Kunj, so I could do some window shopping before lunch. We had pre-decided upon Cafe Delhi Heights after hearing so much about the place.

We loved the quirk factor that the place seems to be flooded with. From their beautiful graphic menus to the presentation everything was awesome apart from the service. The waiters seemed to be living in their happy blissful world of dementia. Whatever we asked for had to repeated atleast twice to different people before it reached us. Our drinks made way in the end and we dolefully sipped it before heading out.


The breadsticks with herbed butter that reached us first were actually really fine accompaniments.


For starters Mannu decided to go with some sort of grilled chicken dish tossed in hot garlic and mild peri-peri. We could not locate its name on the menu displayed by zomato and we were too hungry to take notes at lunch. Blogger fail 😦


For the mains, being a rice lover, I decided to go with the Chennai Gilli Biryani. We could not really understand why it has been associated with Chennai. It tasted like a regular meat pulao- spicy and beautifully flavoured nonetheless.


Our drinks reached us in the end and we had no choice but to quickly gulp it down. I couldn’t do the same with mine though. I had asked for the Cranberry Coconut colada. It tasted like ill made coconut lassi, please give it a miss and Mannu had some sort of Aam Panna which he probably liked.


After this bittersweet lunch we headed off to watch the edge of tomorrow, biggest mistake ever. It was one of the most exasperating movies I ever had to watch. Tom Cruise kept waking up and it wasn’t even hot anymore. The only perk was we got to end our date with me buying Fault in our stars, the book (I loved it and the movie too) and we got to go to Starbucks. Whoopie.