Lessons to be learnt from Brandon- HONY

Two consecutive posts about Humans of New York, you see how obsessive I am? Well, this is just a prelude.




1. If you have a dream, go out there and plant it without any fear of it being trampled down.

2. No matter how broke you are or hard things get  don’t doubt your passion enough to abandon it completely.

3. ALWAYS stand up for the right thing. If you have no idea what the right thing, check out virtues like justice, love, kindness- globally accepted ‘right’ things. Which means you probably have to let your pride vanish and make everyone else more important than you and NO in noway does it mean letting your self-respect be lost.

4. Learn to have certain boundaries and never compromise on them. Once you start to get where you have always want to go to, people will ask for a lot of favours, learn to say no.

5. Stop dreaming of fairy tales. If you intend to do something no one has done before, be prepared for a lot of hardships that may come your way because humans don’t readily accept change. So get ready to completely fall but always be ready to rise too.

6. Etiquettes. General courtesy, valuing the cultures and perspectives of other people, always pay attention to them.

7. Success often comes slowly so keep moving forward consistently even if the growth is slow.

8. BELIEVE in your dreams because if you don’t nobody else will either.

9. Want your dreams so bad that the Universe is obliged to give you what you want. (That does not mean God will always grant you all your irrelevant wishes)

10. Last but not the least, if you have an idea do not wait for perfection thereby letting procrastination overrule your life. Go and start with whatever you wish to do because if you wait for circumstances to be better then chances are if today it doesn’t seem perfect to you, it may still look the same tomorrow. Also chasing perfection may lead to a lot of disappointment because we weren’t created to achieve perfection. We were created to pave pathways of happiness.

Kind of like the English version of the Hindi saying: “Karm karo, fal ki chinta mat karo” (do your work, don’t wait for the result for it will take care of itself)


Go out their and create history humans!