Let’s CHEW

With dwindling options everyday for us to dine out, Alison and I, settled for the Pan-Asian Cafe in Connaught Place, the last time we hung out together.


What Al had: Her favorite, Pad Thai noodles


She said she loved it.


What I had: my favorite, the Nasi Goreng


Now here’s the thing about me, if you are serving me shrimps, I want to taste its flavors in my food. This Nasi Goreng tasted awfully bland in terms of authenticity. The good thing was the huge portions of Prawn Tempura. Nevertheless our hunger took the better part of us and we finished everything served to us without complaining too much.


Will we be back there?

Sure when we are short of money and couldn’t care less about a great meal or maybe simply to admire their interiors.