Durga Pujo- The sixth and seventh day

This is that time of the year when even the most non- Bong among us become slightly bent towards the crazy side to bring out the highly euphoric Pujo loving part of us. Thankfully globalization has made it possible for the Bengali diaspora across the world to celebrate the cultural fest of Durga Pujo no matter where they are in the world.

I mentioned cultural fest instead of religious or spiritual because we are known to be the most liberal and chilled out race of all and nobody cares about the pujo factor of the fest as much as the gathering of all near and dear ones, eating unfathomable amounts of food and well using yet another chance to dress up and if you are always on the man (or woman) hunt like me, it gives us another chance to be on the lookout to meet our potential partner.

Being away from family during this time of the year has always been hard for me however regardless of that, I try to find new ways to celebrate this madness by venturing out and mostly hovering around food joints.

So let’s take a glimpse into what’s been happening in the pujo front in Delhi.

Sasthi- the sixth day of navratri- pre pujo day for Bongs

I dragged myself out of bed close to midnight since I didn’t want pujo to pass by and then regret later on. Luckily for me, a friend I hadn’t met in years was willing to join me in my food hunt.

We dropped by at Oh Calcutta in CyberHub first. I was craving luchi- aloo dum like I had been starving since years and after that we randomly decided to drive till Murthal and eat another meal at Sukhdev Dhaba. (I wrote about it here) (It was my third dinner, sshhh don’t say that to anyone 😛 )


luchi- aloo dum #OhCalcutta nothing tastes better than this. trust me.


Pav Bhaji, Mango Lassi, Chocolate Lassi #Sukhdev The pav bhaji was really good, a tad bit spicy though. The mango lassi tasted like sugar syrup- gross. The chocolate lassi tasted like plain chocolate shake- bad decision.


Gobi Samosa #Sukhdev This one was really good.


Amritsari Kulche and chholey #Sukhdev Don’t know, didn’t taste it. Was too full.

Not only this , we also made a stop at Krispy Kreme. I am obsessed with their donuts and make sure all my friends try it too.

Saptami- seventh day.

Today again I decided to head out much later than I should have. I wanted to go to C R Park but settled for Kali bari at Mandir Marg in the end. Wasn’t the grandest of pujo I have seen, but somehow being amidst my own gave me a certain kind of solace. After that I decided to go to Bijoli Grill for dinner (located inside the Bongo Bhawan complex at Hailey Road, you’re right from the book, Those pricey Thakur girls)- good decision on a wrong day. They were only serving from the buffet so I got to try a huge meal but I wasn’t really up for it. All of the items they cooked were really good, I even had fish cooked in mustard gravy something I absolutely hate when I am home. The best thing about Bijoli Grill is everything they made tasted like a home cooked meal- low in spice and cooked with love. 😉

SAM_2925 SAM_2924  SAM_2929SAM_2928 SAM_2930SAM_2932


I tried their veg cutlet, peas cutlet (Bengalis are big into peas), Chicken in mustard cutlet, fish cutlet, mutton kobiraji, luchi- chholar dal, steamed rice with pabdar jhaal, kosha mangsho, chingrir malaikari ( not my favorite, it was too sweet and tasted of tomato sauce) and a very ill looking/tasting gulab jamun. They also served us aam porar shorbot for drinks which for some reason reminded me of Pather Panchali.

That’s been pujo for me so far. More on its way 🙂


Anyone else sad that this time pujo has one less day? 😦