Utopian Bongfest- Durga Pujo

I stayed in on an ashtami Bad move but here’s what happened last year #foodmemories

Through Stories

Us, Bengalis, we get the license to be noisy, overwhelming, blissfully happy and let our bellies stretch to the brim of the sudden noise of something tearing, that would be our trouser/ jeans buttons, during the last four days of Navratra. Not that we don’t do the very same all year round, but when its Durga Pujo, everything seems legit.

And why not? It is that time of the year when our mashi-s and mama-s, kaku-s and pishi-s all gather together with a bunch of cousins whom we probably meet for the first time and we all chatter like we have known each other all our lives. Mothers’ get busy making delicacies in the kitchen like there is no tomorrow and every meal, right from breakfast can take you to food-coma. Also no meal is complete without a serving of mishti doi (sweet curd) or mishti (bengali sweets).


Even though…

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