Cafe Turtle- Surely winter isn’t far ahead!

With winter speedily approaching, the Delhites have already started feeling that slight nip in the air in the evenings and thankfully to beat that restaurants are slowly building up a better suited winter menu for the sake of us crazed food fanatics. I thought why not inaugurate this season with one of the oldest contemporary cafes in Khan Market that not only has an ever evolving menu but also ensures all their dishes use healthy options, organic produces and in general caters to the cravings of the hungry vegetarian foodies who might often feel deserted in a meat eater’s world.

You’re right I am talking about Cafe Turtle.

In my quest to embrace all things healthy, I straight up chose to settle with the Green Goddess, a juice made of spinach and apples that is good for the entire physical anatomy of our bodies, I suppose. Every sip brought out an inner glow within me, or so I thought.


Flushing out toxins have never felt  more important to me and in doing so, I next tried the Mexican Lime Soup- a clear soup with carrots and mushrooms, loads of coriander and the tang from lime. It was zesty and I totally stepped up my clean eating game. My lunch partner tried the Country Mushroom Soup that looked creamy and smelled delicious!


Mexican Lime Soup- yummm

Country Mushroom Soup

Country Mushroom Soup

I have always been a sandwich lover. Give me anything stuffed between two pieces of fresh, warm bread and I will chow it down without any fuss. Therefore, I simply had to try the California Croissant Sandwich. While the croissant’s texture may not have been my absolute favorite ( I like the soft flaky ones) but come on it had tomatoes, lettuce and cheddar- a BLT in its vegan form. One will never be taken seriously if they say no to this. It also had a side of potato wafers, one thing I have some serious obsession with.



Now dining at Cafe Turtle and deciding to do away with a thin crust pizza is simply not fair and I am all for justice so there I chose the Tuscany pizza that was crisp, thing and topped with pesto, marinara, sun dried tomatoes and oh the sweet joy of parmesan! If you do not however like the strong flavours of both marinara and pesto, you can steer clear off this one and choose the ones that seem more interesting to you (they have quite the variety).


Stuffed to the brim but never too stuffed to have some dessert, I decided to gorge on their Brownie with Ice Cream and you may think, “What the heck?! A brownie?” Well, this is a brownie that takes you to a chocolate trip without Johnny Depp ofcourse. It was warm, had nut, not really fudgey but so decadent and dark that I couldn’t stop myself from overdosing, sorry healthy eating, no compromise on this bit!

ooh lala

ooh lala

So yeah, I do know a lot of my friends who swear by Cafe Turtle, but for those of y’all who still haven’t chanced upon this place, make way there for they are out with their Diwali specials too which has a lot of Indian snacks customized to suit the festivities. And what more? You can even stop downstairs at their Full Circle bookstore and browse through an array of literary haven if you are the avid reader that is- if not, then turn into one!