An Illusion!

I dozed a several times and finally stopped the project work at 3:45 in the night and tried not to recall her reflection over and again though the reverie continued, but finally when I had managed to shut my eyes, the blackberry started to vibrate with those innumerous pings.

I just didn’t want to move around anymore but as I saw the watch struck 3:50, out of curiosity I tried to put on thoughts regarding who could it be at this time. I jumbled up the blanket, got up and went towards the cell phone, giving that message an urge for emergency.

As I came up and unlocked the blackberry, with mixed thoughts I immediately opened the messenger but with a disgust feeling only when I realized it was just a broadcast message, it read some event which almost recalled me of last year 14th of February, it was an invitation for a party but the theme was valentines, so the light was only upon that.

Yes, once again it was the month of February, the month of love, when some men sometimes tend to feel butterflies around them, singles are trying, committed ones rejoicing each and every minute of the second week, while there is another category, the ones who are barely interested in knowing what’s happening around them, or what the importance of each day is.

I gathered my patience and went back to bed with my phone, I fixed an alarm for 6:30 and stumbled with the fact that only two and half hours were left for my sleep. I quickly went inside the blanket and this time managed to sleep properly.

After a few hours of sleep I again found myself awake and instantaneously realized I had planned a big date with her as it was 14th of February, the ‘Valentine’s Day’, without wasting any time further and prolonging things, I quickly stood up and started to get ready, within an hour I was ready for my day ahead. Mixed emotions were dominating my mind, whether it would go well or I’ll end up doing something stupid or silly. I questioned myself a lot of times and finally dropped a message for her that I was coming to pick her up.

I took the keys and drove the car to her place, the home was situated at a noisy street in Lajpat Nagar, the running traffic of Lajpat Nagar streets were deafening to my ears. I parked my car near her place across the road, the noise of the auto rickshaw and car remained constant until a girl in a white dress appeared on the gate. Yes, it was her. The noisy street now seemed to be the quietest street of that area, it seemed to me as if the noise had synced with her beauty, I waved a Hi from a distance and she responded back with a smile. She came closer as she crossed the road till a car came and hit her and woke me up from this bad dream.

Nikunj Chaudhari, New Delhi, India- A student pursuing political science honors from the University of Delhi. He has a keen interest in being socially and politically active and can talk on these very  issues for unending hours if you are brave enough to bring out these topics in his presence.  His philanthropic side helped him be a part of social servicing institutions and an internee at UNDP . Apart from these, he is fond of traveling, reading and sometimes even writing which he believes is the best way to express. His passion for football is irrevocable and the interest in sports, endless.