Hastsal Minar – A neglected jewel

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I have been living in west Delhi since the past 21 years (Yes! From my birth-date) and literally explored every little part of it. But, few days ago I got to know that there is a Monument just 1 kilometer away from my home while I was passing by the inner part of Hastsal area. I asked my cousin to stop the bike and paid a visit to the actual location. It was amazing to see this half Qutub Minar like structure just standing tall and red before me but at the same time I felt very bad watching dirt, used polybags and a large amount of waste all around this Monument. It is shameful to see how people neglect such kind of heritage? How come we think that our heritage is a waste material and waste land to litter around? We have Swacch Abhiyans (Cleanliness Movement), Heritage Protection Organisations but this is pathetic to say that these all movements has been only confined to the people who can lavishly pay to pave the way for their own interests.

This place may not be every history fanatics living dream to visit, even then, if you are around West Delhi, give this one some bit of your time- who knows that might be enough to make it cleaner and better?

How can you reach here?

Catch the Metro Blue line, get out at the Uttam Nagar East Metro station and take a rickshaw from there? It will cost you around 20-30 bucks. Have a safe journey!

The writer loves photography like nothing else and when he is not busy looking through his lanes, he writes and gives his images a story to tell.