Entering The Blue Door Cafe. Again!

Sometimes it’s absolutely fine to write two reviews of the same place because it is only natural to keep revisiting one restaurant. The Blue Door Cafe may not be the most exceptional place but, the food keeps calling you back for some reason. This time, us, four friends, haunting Khan Market for the umpteenth time decided to settle for this one mainly because of the comfort their food gives. Chelsea decided to clean eat and settled for a Chicken Caesar Salad and French Onion Soup with buttery toasted bread sprinkled with warm, gooey Cheddar. The soup was light and tasted so good! Thankfully winters are almost here.


altAhTzP5UQoSMY3Po7otLSXHAzC9GzLeIBSlgVVpyUyJuk.jpg Tanya, who cannot help but succumb to her sweet tooth, fell prey to their delicious Brownie Shakes and slurped right in while digging into her Veg Arabiatta Penne. Not my personal favourite but, who am I to judge?

altArnIzLMu5Z2HLVfsKMfCXt2bDQ-wJ5iGHaX67gSPyr9_.jpg Al went with the Chicken in Focaccia Bread Sandwich served along with crispy French fries!

altAnyxqF8lgZxxU-Vi282g2sg1_ToYvPulQJ75Fl5yfk-Z.jpg And me, being the self proclaimed burger expert, had to go for the Tenderloin and Bacon Burger. Now the disappointing part was the dryness from the well done patty and the sweet barbecue sauce that never goes down well with me. But there were bacon strips and French fries to make up for anything that went amiss and I was a happy camper!

altArgaPAp08-WSob4PgerT1ZnaZqKib9kNCh9K9xirN_9q.jpg There aren’t a lot of things left for me to try at The Blue Door Cafe but, knowing me, chances are, I will be back there again!