Cake Mixing Ceremony @ Hyatt Gurgaon- This right here is Santa’s gift!

With Christmas only a month and a little more, away the enthusiasm and spirit of this festive season has already began to spread. Marked by the joy of giving and spreading love, there is no better way to showcase Christmas than through desserts!

Cakes have always been a major part in Christmas celebrations throughout the length and breadth of the country just like it denotes any other birthday, why should the birthday of Christ be treated any different? Knowing so, I was zealous enough to go and attend Hyatt Gurgaon’s cake mixing ceremony at Kitchen District and get my own hands dirty in that process.

After our initial meetings and greetings with the other bloggers while slowly sipping the warm and aromatic mulled wine which an integral part of German traditions, we were ready to commence the mix of tonnes of dry fruits with litres of various kinds of liqueur and leave it to ferment for a month before Hyatt starts with baking all sorts of Christmas goodies with that. 😉



in goes the booze

in goes the booze

It was a complete fun and frolic session where we all dug through the dry fruits and enticed by the sweet smelling rums and scotches, the task simply got better for us! Once we finished, thankfully it wasn’t the end for us. Chef Ashutosh, one of Hyatt’s finest pastry chefs whipped up a dessert wonderland for us enough to send you back diabetic but luckily none of us were daunted by that and we were more than willing to gorge on those sinful sweets.



One bite of the macarons and it was enough to predict the end of L’operas reigning in Delhi. They were soft but not crumbly, the surface was absolutely smooth and the filling had all the flavors intact, exactly how these French classics should be.



Their cupcakes were decadent, the icing was devoid of any disturbing taste of butter and between mouthfuls of cheesecakes and pies aplenty, it was time for me to carefully dissect their red velvet cupcake, like I always do to see if they passed the test.


The Red velvet cupcakes were delightfully moist, the color was red and not burgundy, the cake had a slight tarty taste from buttermilk and the icing could have done with a wee bit more cheesy flavor but between its other properties and luckily no sugar granule that I discovered, it passed the test with  distinction!


It wasn’t just all sugar for us, there were a few savories too. We loved the cured salmon sliders that unusually tasted like Sushi and give me sushi on any fine day and I will always be your guest. The pizza sandwich with creamy ricotta, rocket leaves and sun dried tomatoes were also good. The uber soft bread with cheese and spinach turned out to be the star of the day because of its buttery taste and the softest texture.


IMG_0217 IMG_0214

We ended our sojourn with a marvel that is the ‘Johnnie Ki Chai’ invented by their in house mixologist and it has milk, vanilla, cinnamon and orange juice, all mixed with Johnny Walker and the lovely saffron for its mild aroma and pretty color. All of us knocked it down in one gulp and that enough is indicative of how good it was!


The best part of the ceremony for me was probably meeting so many other bloggers and making it one huge merry evening between conversations, laughter and a variety of desserts, which in itself embodies the spirit of Christmas.

Now, if y’all may excuse, I have some “ho ho ho” to do!

Mohana Ganguly- a food connoisseur who loves Christmas more than anything with or without the gifts and while she is not day dreaming about the festival, she harshly judges red velvet cakes and stuffs her face with French fries.