Singles! fear not, New Years is for you too!

imgttl New Years Eve being one of the most commercialized events of the year (and rightfully so), I feel there is way too much pressure in making the day look obnoxiously perfect. While the ones in love and the party freaks have nothing to worry about- Its loners like me and quite a few of my friends who suffer the most.

I have always been miserable at going out and ending the year with a bang. The only time, I did the same was three years ago and at the cost of hurting a couple of people. I justify that by saying I was young, wild and naive and a re-occurrence is highly unlikely to occur. Last year too, I sat there with my family and prepared peri peri chicken grills for them while the entire world was out partying. The slight perk was, my then boyfriend surprised me the next morning. So, all’s well that ends well.

This year however, I feel the wrath of this holiday season. And trust me, I understand. So here’s why I listed things you can do if you are alone on New Years!

1. Wake up and smile even if you are the grouch like me. Take time to get ready, apply your make up. While I don’t believe that make up is important and everybody should go crazy on beauty products but most often the whole process of lathering yourself with cosmetics is therapeutic. Trust me.

2. If you have office, head out earlier than usual. It can be a daunting task in this chilly weather but, do it anyway. Treat yourself to a nice breakfast. Doesn’t have to be fancy a simple sandwich outside is enough. You don’t want trivial tasks to weigh you down on the 31st.

3. Take a half day off. Head out and treat yourself to a nice lunch. Its the year end, spend your savings a little! Now I know a lot of you don’t feel comfortable eating by yourself but seriously, let go of your inhibitions. If there are people staring at you, be assured that they don’t know and most probably you will never see them again!

4. Now this one you can do it today or save it for the year’s first day. Use your spa and salon vouchers! Soak your nails in the foamy water, pamper, de-stress, rejuvenate, get a hair cut, get yourself waxed- do whatever the hell you please but do it!

5. Shopping!!!! Single girls and boys too who love to shop. Go crazy!!! No explanation needed for this one.

6. Now now, the day is slowly coming to an end and your friends are getting ready to party and here you are left with no +1 and the thought of being at a party all by yourself makes you go frantic with anxiety- head to the movie theatre and watch whatever is playing at the moment. You can also at this point return home and play your favorite DVDs.

7. Catch up with your other single friends. I am sure they too are feeling the same way as you are and nothing will make them feel more loved.

8. If you are the travel fanatic, take a leave and head out of town a day before because roads are crazy busy during holidays and airfares reach the sky. So plan ahead and enjoy a couple of days to your own company and honestly, there is nothing better than traveling solo.

9. If you are the culinary enthusiast, experiment in the kitchen. Make yourself a fun dinner. Invite some friends/ family over. Pop those champagne bottles and between glasses of wine, food and soulful conversations, you will forget the need for a significant other.

10. There are a million other things you can do- Hit the gym- chances are its gonna be empty so give yourself special time and train hard to continue on the habit the next year. If you are completely alone- drink some rose wine and binge watch on your favorite shows, jam and jive in the middle of the night, write or get creative in some other way and if everything else fails- sleep! There is nothing better than waking up fresh and rested on the first day of the year.

You can repeat all of these things the next day (January 1st) as well or add some of your crazy streak to it! 😉 Now go conquer the world!

Oh and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!