Palate Festival- Overview

Roaming through the vast Nehru Park on the afternoon of the Palate Festival’s last day, all I could think about is how the fitness freaks have taken over the world. The initial of the stalls were a never ending row of organic and whole foods that consisted of everything- muesli, honey and anything you could think of. This made me wonder, “where was this category a decade and a half ago when none of us even knew the meaning of organic? were the pesticide infested foods just as bad then?” Nevertheless, if a change is good, I better not question it even if I will probably never shell out those extra bucks painfully from my purse.

SAM_3206 SAM_3207 SAM_3208 SAM_3211

A few steps ahead, I found the stall I was looking for- Divin-e-licious. Run by a home baker who has taken the baking business by storm and at present is the most famous home baker in Delhi. I only had looked at her brownies a few months ago at some other event and every night the vision of those haunted me in my sleep. The brownies are slightly towards the steeper side but once spoonful of Divin-e-licious fudgy brownie and you will be turned for life while questioning silly things like your existence. And if it were only my words, I would say I was exaggerating but my two other friends expressed the same simply through their facial language and those can never be mistaken.

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Having our desserts first, we overlooked the waffle stall despite being highly tempted (we also didn’t want to stand and eat our waffles) and moved to find something savory.

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Thousands of people flocked together under the scorching sun of what should have been a winter afternoon and that is the effect “food” has. We however were really daunted looking at the long never ending lines, bad seating arrangements and for me in particular- sand. I have a major problem with dust and I felt I couldn’t breathe with all the dust particle in the air.

All of the famous restaurants of Delhi, starting from stand alone ones to some from luxury hotels, united for the cause to feed the population of Delhi. Luke and I were going through some huge sushi cravings that day and knowing our third friend, Adi, never tasted sushi we took it upon ourselves to help him try some. We headed to Sakae Sushi and asked for the California Rolls. We should have stopped seeing their display of the same which looked like sad rolls of miserly tobiko sprinkle but we didn’t and it was terrible. Nothing like a good California Roll and Adi’s first attempt at sushi eating was completely marred. Poor guy, he may never have sushi again.


There were definitely some amazing stalls selling shawarmas and what not which we did want to nosh up but we were in a jiff and the Palate Festival needed to wait for us. Fortunately for us, the restaurants weren’t just pop up stalls but real standing places where we can always go to! With that we had to leave hoping that next year, the fest will be back and our experience will be better.