Where food doesn’t mean only nibbles- Harry’s new menu launch

There is nothing more I love than spending some quality time with bloggers who love food as much as I do and reminisce our moments with the mouth watering delights that often come our way. Thanks to my life, such events are not a rarity and specially when one of my favorite Chef is in town, it is imperative that I am present to feast on whatever he tosses out. If you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about Chef Vicky Ratnani- one of India’s marvels when it comes to the culinary sector. Now this when compared to a menu tasting at one of my favorite bar haunts of the city- things just get spicier. Now, believe me, I am incredibly fussy and almost always hate the nibbles offered at bars. Why Harry is an exception? Mainly because, despite having dark interiors, its not dingy/ shady and the design is quite chic if not astounding. Greeted by my ever enthusiastic family of my bloggers, we settled down to sip on some cocktails and devour great food only by then we weren’t quite sure of how great it would be. I have frequented Harry’s Khan Market outlet more often than I would like to mention but this was my first at the Citywalk one. By the time our evening ended, we learnt not to have extremely high hopes from a place. WP_001965 Most of our drinks went horribly wrong- the Sangria tasted a weird mixture of white wine, beer (I imagined it, there was no beer in it) and mango juice with green and red apple which wasn’t the slight bit complimenting. The Dirty Harry that tasted fine otherwise, had a slight glitch- the litchee used for presentation tasted funny. Now if you throw away the presentations, then alright but if you don’t- it wasn’t too slight a glitch. WP_001966 WP_001967 Coming to food, I loved the Ratatouille Stuffed Mushroom Caps, they were grilled right, stuffed right, everything right. The Wasabi Cottage Cheese was beautiful too and tasted like a deep fried vegetarian sushi. The Chimichuri Chicken was also really good, loved its spice factor. I feasted on the Chicken Satay too which doesnt happen too often because most of the places give miserable looking satays, Harry’s didn’t fall into that category. WP_001968 WP_001969 WP_001975 WP_001974 A true blood Bong, like myself, always finds it hard to resist seafood in any form and placed right before me was a lovely basket of calamari and prawns, rightfully named the Fisherman’s Basket, which was a little too small a basket for someone like me though. Nonetheless, I munched on those tempura fried seafood dipped in tartare. yumm. WP_001977 Two of the Asian dishes we tried, were really disappointing mainly because of how “North Indian” they tasted and I am a big sucker for authentic flavours. Both the Spicy Chicken and Pattaya Fish Goujons were loaded with soy sauce and were a little too salty for my palette. WP_001980 WP_001979 We also got our sliders- I tasted only the chicken ones. What I particularly loved was the soft bun but there was nothing really to write home about. The Moroccan Cottage Cheese, tasted simply like a paneer tikka without anything moroccan about it. And the Vietnamese Spring Rolls were a little too vegetarian for my liking. WP_001978 WP_001973 I find it always hard to say that I am highly particular about potato wedges with a straight face. People think I am kidding but believe me, there are a million places that completely mess up this otherwise simple dish. The Spicy Potato Wedges served to us deserved a special place reserved in heaven. Never had I tasted potato wedges so amazingly spiced, crunch and loved the dip it was served with which however, tasted like the gravy of kadhai chicken- you see what I am talking about? No? You gotta taste it! WP_001972 Our salads which ideally should have been there before we tasted anything else, reached us right before we touched the main course. We took it as a palate cleanser and moved on. It was good though and coming from someone who is not the biggest fan of watermelon and feta- you have to take my word for it. WP_001982 We loved the Thai Curry and Rice, now the problem here is give me anything green in color with coconut milk and call it Thai curry, I will lick the bowl (or plate) off without creating fuss so I wasn’t in the place to critically evaluate it. But everyone else loved it too. The Kung Pao Chicken was mild and the chicken was well cooked and soft- so that totally won us over. WP_001983 The star of the evening was definitely our flambe dessert. So the Volcano Chocolate cake was flambe-ed with alcohol and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that was hard to not love. The whole process of igniting and then tasting a warm dessert always, always manages to enchant a crowd and this one did just the same. WP_001984 Full to the brim, I had to leave but not without laughter, conversations, new friends, a “sex and the city” gang and ofcourse, for me- a story to tell!

Mohana Ganguly