Bira before you… ermmm… burp!

bottle BIRA white

Beer lovers who are tired of the same old Kingfisher, Fosters, Coronas…. Now have something new to look forward to, cerana! This new craft lager beer with its crisp taste is surely inching onward to become one of the country’s finest and looks like it will also soon make its mark internationally!

Cerana Beverages, India’s first and leading craft beer company, Bira 91 taking the brand in draft and bottled format to the top 10 markets in the country.Cerana was founded by Ankur Jain, an entrepreneur and engineer.

Bira 91 White – a wheat beer in draft format in Delhi NCR. Speaking of the response during its launch, Ankur Jain, CEO said, “We introduced the beer in Delhi NCR and the feedback has exceeded our own expectations by a wide margin. We have been able to sell 10 times the volumes than we expected during our launch phase. We are very pleased with the initial traction that we have gotten and feel that we are now well positioned to create the first craft beer brand of scale in India.”

Bira 91 is positioned as a youthful, Indian brand with a trendy and unorthodox identity, in a market dominated by large national and multinational players.

The company is in the process of launching a second variant – Bira 91 Blonde ‐ a craft lager this month. According to the firm, the products will be launched in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata before the onset of summer. In addition to the wheat beer and the lager, the firm is also planning a launch of a third beer style and will also activate the export market in March of this year.