Lets Meet Our Furry Little Friends: Trend Alert!

Whoever thought after reading the title that carrying around your poodles and your chihuahuas is finally in trend then I’m sorry that they are sadly mistaken…


This trend is all about the fur, whether real or faux and its detailings, it be in your shoes, or your bags,or just a little detail on your neckline


A chic duffel-bag-lookalike in fur!

A chic duffel-bag-lookalike in fur!

Picture2 Picture4Real and faux fur of varying lengths at footwear,scarves,bags, and headwear. Shorter-length shaved fur such as shearling look perfectly transitional for Pre-Fall 2015-16, while longer, luxurious furs feel more suitable for the colder weather. We obviously do not however recommend going on real fur!

Picture7 Picture6

Designers like Lanvin, Armani, Cavalli, Fendi, Chanel, Burberry De La Renta, Blahnik and Galliano have worked with this trend in the last few seasons, incorporating the trend in Bags, Shrug On-Jackets, Dresses and Shoes.


So if you wish to keep cozy this winter all you need to do is go buy one of those coats and don’t have to worry about blending in, because you get style with comfort and all the warmness in the world.

Konpal Batra