The Kitchen Tale: Kerala Chicken Stew

The recipe part of the blog is fairly but hey! I know how much quite a lot of us love to cook and decided to give this one a go!

Cooking has always been a favorite part of my life. Gastronomy has been completely therapeutic in my life and time and again I find myself wandering in the kitchen trying to burst some new idea and whip something finger licking!

You can obviously alter the ingredients and make it according to your liking. You can make it spicy and rich but I left it soupy like how a stew should be but the other variations taste equally good. Also my youtube channel is fairly new so the quality is definitely not great and it is so frigging hard to cook and film, therefore cut me some slack alright? 😛



1tbsp edible oil
whole spices- 3-4 cloves, couple inches of cinnamon stick
1tsp garam masala
1tsp cumin powder
1tsp coriander powder
2tsp black pepper powder
2 bay leaves
2tsp ginger paste/ crushed
2 dried red chillies
3-4 green chillies (split in the middle)
3 cups water
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup finely chopped carrots
2 cups french beans- 1inch long
bunch of curry leaves
2 tbsp cornflour
salt to taste
chicken 500gms – 1 kg

Serve hot with rice or Appams!