Bowled over by Story’s Bollywood Night!

When it comes to music, Bollywood Remix is my guilty pleasure. As much as I diss mainstream Bollywood music as a mediocrity, but deep inside my heart, I love Bollywood Remixes. So this last Friday night when I got the opportunity to groove to a Bollywood night, I jumped on it like a wet puppy jumping out of the bathtub. Me and my wife left home and after fighting the traffic, finally reached The Story Club at Westin Gurgaon.

The first thing that we noticed after getting in was the ambience and decor. Unlike many clubs in Gurgaon this place felt both fun and classy at the same time. The ceiling was my most favourite part of the structure, and so as an architecture enthusiast, I devoted a good amount of time to staring at the ceiling. After the brief ceiling review, it was time to take a look around the place.

Image 1

Take a look at this gorgeous ceiling. Look at it!


The Story boasts of being the only club in Delhi NCR that remains open till 3 AM. This was their first Bollywood Night and so they wanted the best DJ for the gig. Hence, DJ Akhtar was flown especially from Mumbai to rock this classy joint.

Image 2

The club was still quite empty and so, me and wifey went upstairs to check out the terrace area. It was really nice setup with a bar in the middle and sitting area by the parapets looking over the picturesque view of Westin and Gurgaon. This is where we decided to fill ourselves before going downstairs. The menu was simple yet fulfilling. Except for the bland Paneer Tikka, everything else was delicious, especially the Puff Pastry. I had to stop eating after some repeated orders because I was afraid that my gigantic diet will empty their stock.

Image 3

The Terrace Bar

Image 4

Puff Pastry with spinach and Tofu, with Paneer Tikka and Stuffed Jalepinos

Image 5

Post snacks we went downstairs and there he was, DJ Akhtar in flesh and blood. He was doing a sound check when we got downstairs. What timing! And so the night began. By now the club was filled with people who were ready to dance even at the noise of a generator, but DJ Akhtar had us all covered. After a sweet apology for being fashionably late, our DJ turned up the music and people moved to the dance floor to do what they came to do here.

Image 6

Sound check; A DJs acclimatisation of his surroundings.

Image 7

Dance your troubles away.

After exhausting ourselves to Akhtar’s spin, we decided to sit down to catch a break.This is when we explored the beautiful Cigar Lounge in the club. Stocked with fabulous Cuban beauties, this room felt like a different place from the rest of the club.

Image 9

One thing that The Story amazed me with was its wonderful service. There have been only a few clubs where the service was so good  While most of the clubs make you feel like a nobody with their bad service, the Story’s staff was a delight! So when we returned to the dance floor, Akhtar was in full swing now.

Image 10 Image 10B Image 11 Image 11B

But soon, we called it a night and so we returned with aching legs, and Bollywood remix still humming in our ears. And the best part was, it was a Saturday the next day!

Image 12

What is your story?

Swapnil Narendra