Recipe: Gluten free pancakes

There is nothing more blissfully satiating than a warm American breakfast which is sweet, comforting and doesn’t leave you feeling stuffy. Did I also mention the part about it being completely healthy?

Being a recent victim of gluten intolerance, I always try to find recipes that aren’t too “boring” and does the job of filling me up minus those carb laden components that I thoroughly enjoyed in the past.

This recent Oatmeal-Banana-Apple pancake recipe completely did the job without a single negative point! Trust me, you won’t even realize you are eating healthy.


INGREDIENTS: serves 4 people: 3 each

1 cup oatmeal (increase or decrease the quantity depending on how many people you are making it for)

1/3 cup rice flour

1/2 cup milk (you can replace it with almond milk or coconut milk)

1 apple

1 banana (add more if you don’t mind the smell and taste of banana)

2 tsp sugar

1 egg

1 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

Blend it all and make sure the consistency is thick!


Just pour the batter on a non-stick pan/ girdle.

Cook both sides. Flip, once you see bubbles on the surface and voila easy-peasy pancakes!

Did you also notice that it is oil free?

Now to compensate on the saved calories, you can lather it with some butter and drizzle some honey over it.

Please just have it already!

Mohana Ganguly