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Esther Maasdam is a Europe based Coffee Connoisseur and Barista who has bagged several awards for her coffee art. She wanted to do something that was a craft, something she could do with her hands. And so, she found coffee !

Image 1

Two artists from two different parts of the earth.

Sohan Jakhar born and schooled in Seekar (Rajasthan) won the fight against his parents that most of Indian kids lose. He discarded the plans his father made for him and decided to go after his passion, ART!

When these two personalities from different parts of the globe met at the ‘Barista Meets Artista’ event hosted by Le Meridien at the 15th India Art Fair (The Biggest Art Fair in South Asia by the way), what they created together was, well.. not magical or out of this world, but certainly peculiar.

Image 1B

Le Meridien Stall

Sohan is a visual artist who experiments with various mediums and this time he was given coffee paste. While Esther had her usual thing going on with the brewing machine, what the event attracted was not coffee lovers but photographers. Yes, there were cameras everywhere. Not interested in art or aesthetics, but only to take shots of Esther working her craft, while Sohan mostly stood in one corner with his hands folded together, watching the whole charade.

Image 2

The event began with both Esther and Sohan working individually on their pieces of art. Where Esther kept brewing one cup of coffee after another with different designs, Sohan started imprinting the coffee paste using a wooden block on a canvas.

Image 3

The Awesome Twosome

Image 4

While everyone was ignoring these beauties over the coffee, I tried all of them. Lovely and delicious!

It took both of them around half an hour, and soon the final art was ready. But by the time it was ready, there was hardly anyone interested. People got tired standing and taking pictures.

Image 5

Esther’s Coffee Art

Image 6

Sohan’s coffee imprint

Moments later, the organizers swept Sohan and Esther in a hurry after the event, as they had another similar event the next day at the hotel. So I bid goodbye to Sohan (Esther was swarmed with people around her), and left the event with the smell of coffee in my nose.

I was craving for a nice cup of tea !

Swapnil Narendra