Patiala- The city of glittering happy endings!


Punjabis are perfectionists and so is their art of making weddings a grand affair. Punjabi weddings happen to be the most entertaining and thrilling weddings. Starting from the Roka ceremony (which marks the end of search for your soul mate) till the bride and groom’s after wedding competitive games; weddings are the perfect occasion for family get-togethers and lively celebrations!

Shopping for a Punjabi wedding demands undivided attention to choose among the numerous colorful choices available.  You could ask for anything and it’s customized as per your liking. From a choora (traditional bangles worn by brides in Punjab) to the groom’s sword, all that you see, glitters like a hard rock diamond!

And what better place than to shop for the Punjabi flare in the heart of the royal city itself! All that you miss seeing in the malls of metropolis is found down in the streets of Patiala.

Punjabi weddings are all about flashy and over the top decorated ambience that also make a distinctive fashion statement.

Girls have an edge over boys when it comes to dressing up in different costumes and accessories, but Punjabi grooms can happily boast of their aristocratic look with a Kalgi on the sehra and a blingy matching sword. The jewel studded Parandi , Choora and Kaleera make a Punjabi bride perceptible from miles apart.

Here in Patiala you would find the most beautiful traditional wedding artefacts that you can’t resist buying. I’m sure you would want to attend a Punjabi wedding soon if you haven’t by now!

In the midst of all the fun and frolic expect to have lots of jappian-pappian, chicken-shicken and the very effective PATIALA PEG 😉


Sahiba Miglani