Of French food and romance la eternelle- La Maison Rose, Pondicherry

IMG_4396 Beautiful evenings are a celebration and more so when its at a lovely French Quarter surrounded by soulful music and delectable food. Puducherry, a quaint little town in the South of our country that has gloriously preserved the French factor in its rues and the tiny dotted cafes that add up to the allure of these streets. We picked La Maison Rose to dine out and talk about our irrevocable love for the city we barely just set foot in. IMG_4397 The Cafe, decorated in the most boho way possible will manage to snag your attention right from the beginning. With Spanish music in the background, al fresco dining and a limited yet vibrant menu. We started off with the summer special, Shrimp salad with red cabbage and grated coconut. The taste, the acidity, the flavours- et al were aesthetically balanced and we couldn’t help but admire the mix of French and local flavours. IMG_4402 IMG_4403 Being the lady that I am, there was of course Rose wine for myself while the fiance settled for his good ol’ beer. For mains, he picked out Penne with homemade pesto sauce while I settled for Grilled king prawns with broccoli and Laksa dressing. Both the dishes were very fresh and even though I preferred my choice more, i had to give it to the pasta too! IMG_4401 IMG_4409 Dessert is something the both of us start pondering on before we even order any real food. So naturally, we picked out the most decadent of all desserts-a classic New York Cheesecake with berry coulis. And boy oh boy, wasn’t it every bit gorgeous? IMG_4413 After sinfully gorging on every last bit of our cheesecake, it was time to give our heaving stomachs and heart a rest and after walking around the beach for a while, we called it a night. Only to wake up to some more delicacies spread around the foodie haven- Puducherry! Stay tuned with us for more of our stories from Pondicherry! Have you visited the place yet? Mohana Ganguly


4 thoughts on “Of French food and romance la eternelle- La Maison Rose, Pondicherry

  1. I’ve heard so many people gush about Pondicherry, but for some reason I never warmed up to it. I don’t know, i just didn’t connect with it! Glad you had a lovely time there though! πŸ™‚
    And wait, what? Did I read FiancΓ©?!? You’re engaged! Woohoo. Congratulations πŸ™‚

    1. yes! Thank you!! And there are parts of Pondicherry that you may not like but I really loved the village life at Auroville. I am working on a complete e-city guide for the place. I am hoping you will change your mind by the end of it πŸ™‚

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