Based out of Bangalore, Through The Lanes is a food, culture, travel and fashion blog (although it was conceived in Delhi and stayed there throughout its infancy stage). Currently we are featuring all things Karnataka. If you are in the state and looking to hunt down the best places for food, travel, fashion, meet interesting people and know more about the various organisations aiding people in their daily lives, look no further for you have reached your destination.

We have partnered with our sister project- Dinner Social Club that aims to bring people from all walks of life and connect them through food. Every weekend, our in house chef hosts a full course menu of a particular cuisine and entertains the guests through tales of its culture. To know more join its Facebook page!

Aiming to become a complete city by city digital magazine in the near future, we are only working on Karnataka and especially Bangalore. You can also find all things Delhi and Puducherry in our “cities” list down.

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What we do?

We consult with brands and people and help them digitally market themselves. Our aim is to show the public your fullest potential and work with you to help you grow and learn from you in the process!

We work on:

  • Food Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Working on a Travel and Living show on YouTube
  • Guest post for blogs
  • Work on creating flawless travel itineraries
  • Host Meet ups!

So if you are willing to get noticed, you know you have reached your destination! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We are inspired by small little things and strive to find happiness in what may have been overlooked by others. To be put briefly, its bringing out the chic, the elegant, the inner glutton, the mountains and trees, the seas, the buildings, the people who dare to live for themselves and motivate anyone who comes close to them….

We break boundaries, we travel and mostly, we devour the awesome goodness of local flavours that are yet to be discovered and celebrated around the country. Our motive is to make your travels simple and direct you to find the best food spots in the city you are travelling to.

This is how, we dish out one lane at a time!

Happy Reading!