Am I in Europe? No, its Lodi-The Garden Restaurant. Close enough!


Have you ever wanted to be in your city, yet not be in it? If you haven’t thought about it ever, this might be your perfect chance! Imagine sitting in a typical Greco… Continue reading

The fascinating beauty of artefacts


“Scattered among these things are reminders that sound once existed: a metronome, a drumming pad, a guitar pick, a trumpet mouthpiece, a music stand, a tuning fork, a block of rosin…The older instruments… Continue reading

Sunday Picnics!


Hi everyone! This is a guest post by Suzie from suzie81’s blog! Go out there and check her blog for some real amazing write ups! I have been following her since quite some… Continue reading

A pictographic presentation of the Big Chill Cafe


Who doesn’t know the infamous Big Chill Cafe? Its is one of those places is Delhi which I hate for the awfully bad service, indifferent waiters and yet I keep going there. Why?… Continue reading

God’s own country- Kerala


For all the travel lovers, nomads, travel journalists, nature admirers, run-aways and the self styled “professional” photographers, soaked in the busy routine life and who are eager to take a refugee into the… Continue reading

Trampling through the backwaters


It is high time that you stop running after foreign trips and locales inspired from the clumsy romantic movies and experience the thrill of tourism into our own, world’s most diverse and culturally… Continue reading

A gallivant amidst the old city, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi


If you are in Delhi and you haven’t been to the old city where the real charm lies. It gives out the pure aura of the country’s capital. The broad flyovers, zig-zag of… Continue reading

OTB- Out of The Box Cafe, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi


This place has its own rustic charm. The paint chipping off  wooden tables and chairs, the lanterns above, patio, the wooden staircase leading upstairs held with ropes kinda Piratey! The bar. If you… Continue reading

Basil Tree- Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar, Delhi


What better way to spice up a Saturday afternoon than carrying your camera, a favorite book and heading to the nearest Italian restaurant? After a series of nonchalant  discussions in my head regarding… Continue reading

TLR cafe, Hauz Khas, New Delhi


Few months ago when my mother and brother, were here, we went to TLR for dinner. i love the cafe, their interiors, the concerts they throw with local bands performing. Its all adds… Continue reading

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